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  • 3 Natural Ways To Help Your Dog Deal With Stress

    18 May 2016

    Just like humans, dogs feel stress as well. Going through stressful situations, like moving to a new home or getting a new addition to the family, can leave your dog feeling stressed out. Being stressed out is not an ideal condition for your dog. Here are three natural methods you can use to soothe your stressed out dog and help them make it through tough situations. #1 Shen Calmer A shen calmer is based on traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Strong Heart, No Fear: Two Breakthroughs In Doggy Drugs

    18 May 2016

    The goal of veterinary research is helping pets maintain happy and pain-free lives so owners and their animal companions can share more quality years together. New drugs for dogs are continually being tested and approved. Two recently tested and/or approved formulations show a great deal of promise in making your dog live a healthier and less freaked-out existence: Possible new "fountain of youth" for humans and canines Dogs can be valuable test subjects for anti-aging research, since they live in similar conditions to humans, yet they age much faster.

  • Why Cat Vaccinations Are So Crucial For Feline Leukemia

    24 March 2016

    Vaccinations help protect your cats from disease infection and keeps them healthy and happy. One of the most common diseases vaccinated in cats is feline leukemia. This dangerous condition can be spread from cat-to-cat and vaccinations are the first line of defense in preventing this from happening. Feline Leukemia Explained Feline leukemia is an infectious autoimmune disease which means it suppresses or impairs your cat's ability to fight diseases. It is considered one of the most prominent causes of death in all breeds of cats and usually affects younger cats (from one to six years in age).