Learning About Rodent Pets

How Your Dog Is Making You Healthier

by Neil Turner

Dogs take work. You have to feed them, water them, and give them medical care. When you consider these responsibilities, you may think getting a puppy is just not worth the effort. In reality, buying a dog may be the best thing you can do to improve your life both physically and mentally. Dogs give you much more than you give them.

Mental Health

Doctors have long touted the need for people to maintain social ties in order to maintain their mental health. Having a dog requires that you get out and walk them, often meeting other dog lovers in the process. If you own a dog, becoming isolated is much more difficult. Dog owners tend to have higher self-esteem and are less lonely than those who do not own a pet. Although pet owners often think of their four-legged friends as family members, studies show that they do not let their human relationships suffer as a result. Owning a dog can make you a happier and better-adjusted person.

Physical Health

Having a dog in the house can benefit your family's health in a number of ways. The chances of your children suffering from allergies can be reduced by up to 33% if they grow up with a dog, a fact you may find surprising. Also, their immune systems can be strengthened by this exposure. So if you've hesitated to get a dog because you think one might not be healthy for your children, you should reconsider your decision. In addition, a dog can be instrumental in lowering your blood pressure.

A few cuddle sessions each day with your canine friend can bring down those BP numbers and make you and your doctor happier. If you suffer from PTSD, a therapy dog can help reduce your anxiety. Some dogs can be trained to warn people suffering from diabetes that their blood sugar has dropped. In some ways, having a dog is like having a healthcare professional on the premises. 

Owning a dog requires effort on your part, but the rewards far outweigh the added responsibility. You and your children will have improved physical health from the presence of a dog. In addition, your mental health can benefit significantly. A pet may actually be able to reduce the number of medical visits you need to make. In addition, a dog can be pure enjoyment for people of all ages. Owning a dog isn't a hardship: it's an opportunity for a better life. Contact a company like Bar R Kennels for more information.