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What To Look For When Searching For The Right Boarding Facility For Your Cat

by Neil Turner

While cats can be left alone for short periods of time without too much hardship, there might come a time when you must board your beloved kitty for a vacation or business trip. If it's your first time boarding your cat, there are some things you should look for when searching for the right place to house your pet while you're away.

Appearance of the Kennel

Take a look around and check out the overall appearance of the kennel. Does it look like there are daily clean-up procedures done? Does it have a nice, clean smell and does not smell of urine or kitty litter? Do the cages, or holding areas look secure, safe and stable? These are all important aspects of a good kennel. You should also take note if the kennel has both indoor and outdoor areas. Some boarding facilities that house cats have cat runs, that can give the kitties fresh air, yet keep them safe. They may also simply have a back area where the cats can roam free in a closed-in yard.


The areas where your cat will be kept should be free of sharp objects, chemicals or small objects that your cat could play with or swallow. There should be solid, enclosed housing where your pet will sleep and be kept safe from any boarded dogs or potentially other cats that do not do well among others. Also, the security level of the facility should be such that no visitors should be allowed in to where the animals are kept. Some cats are startled easily and may become agitated or afraid if strangers are nearby. It is best if only the kennel's staff are allowed access to where your pet will sleep.


A good kitty daycare will have proper supervision of all pets. They should be checked frequently during the day and all staff should be trained to recognize signs of distress or illness. Staff should know how to look for intestinal problems, loss of appetite, coughing or signs of problems with their eyes for example. Check to ensure the kennel is certified and ask for referrals from friends and family or other customers of the kennel to see how they felt about the service.

Health Care

Before boarding your cat at any kennel, check and see what health care they provide. Ask how often your pet will be fed and what type of food they offer. Does the kennel have access to veterinary services or is there a vet on staff? Also, you need to find out what immunization your cat will need in order to be accepted at the kennel.