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Improve Home Upkeep with Routine Dog Grooming Services

by Neil Turner

Owning a dog is a major responsibility, for you as well as your house. While you may love having an indoor dog, you may notice that they can make many messes in various ways. Certain messes, such as a bathroom accident or vomit from getting sick, are tough to prevent. But you can reduce home upkeep to an impactful degree with routine dog grooming services.


A short-haired dog may only get extra dirty when they roll around outside. However, long-haired dogs can get messy coats from even a little exposure to dirt, grass, and plants. When you bring it inside after a walk or a trip to the dog park, you might notice messes form right away.

Routine dog grooming is an excellent solution since each visit includes thorough bathing. This service will remove dirt and grime on your dog's coat or skin. You can also get a flea shampoo if you spot any fleas on your dog and want to stop further spreading.

When fleas start to lay eggs inside your home, you may have a difficult and time-consuming problem on your hands. Luckily, routine grooming and bathing are good preventive measures.


A dog with medium to long hair will shed throughout your house, especially during the warmer months when the extra hair is not needed to keep your dog comfortable. While routine brushing will get rid of some hair, you will appreciate what a de-shedding session can achieve.

Deshedding will remove loose hair on your dog and hair that will eventually be shed. As a result, less shedding happens in your home, making the interior easier to clean and maintain.

Gland Expression

Keeping an eye on your dog's anal glands and actions can help determine whether an expression is necessary. A clear sign that this service is needed is when your dog scoots around on their behind. Their scooting can get secretions on carpeting, furniture, or rugs.

The easiest solution is to have your pet receive a gland expression with each routine grooming visit, especially if you notice symptoms of discomfort. You may want to avoid doing it alone because you do not like dealing with your dog's private area. Thankfully, regular expressions will keep your house cleaner and avoid situations where secretions are not found and must be cleaned with stain removal services.

Grooming your dog at home can work as a way to minimize home upkeep. However, you may believe you will see better results when regularly hiring professional dog groomers.