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Everything You Need to Know About Toyger Cats

by Neil Turner

Cats can make your life more lively and fill your home with love. When choosing a cat, the breed you select is important. Different breeds have different temperaments, coat lengths, and other distinguishing factors. People who love the look of wildcats can bring some of that distinctive natural beauty into their home in the form of a Toyger cat. Here's everything you need to know if you're considering buying a Toyger cat from a breeder:

1. Toyger cats are completely domesticated. 

Toyger cats are specifically bred to resemble tigers with their bold, beautiful stripes. However, Toyger cats are not related to tigers at all. Instead, this breed is created by selectively breeding Bengal cats with shorthaired cats with desirable striped fur. The result is a completely domesticated breed that offers distinguished beauty without the challenges of caring for an exotic animal. You can care for your Toyger cat the same way you would care for any other domesticated feline.

2. Toyger cats are affectionate.

Adopting a purebred cat from a breeder has its advantages. Each breed of cat tends to display similar behaviors due to selective breeding, so choosing a purebred can allow you to select the traits you desire in your feline companion. Some cats prefer their space, rarely seeking out affection from their human families. On the other hand, some cats, like Toyger cats, greatly enjoy the company of people. You'll find that your Toyger cat is very affectionate. Toyger cats are ideal for people who want a lap cat that will cuddle up with them on the couch.

3. Toyger cats are easy to train.

Like dogs, cats can be trained. Some cat breeds are easier to train than others; Toyger cats adapt well to training due to their high intelligence. You can teach your Toyger cat necessary behaviors, such as using a litter box, but you can also teach your cat fun tricks. Playing fetch with your Toyger cat can be a fun way to pass an afternoon. Some Toyger cats are even willing to learn to walk on a leash so they can accompany you on walks outside.

4. Toyger cats have simple grooming needs.

Although cats groom themselves, they still need to be groomed regularly by their owners. Toyger cats have short fur and simple grooming needs. To keep your cat looking great, you should brush their fur at least once a week and trim their nails on the same schedule.

If you are interested in acquiring a Toyger cat, reach out to a Toyger cat breeder near you.