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Is It The Right Time For A Puppy?

by Neil Turner

If you like the idea of bringing home a puppy, you want to make sure now is a good time for you to do so and that you and your family are prepared. If you aren't ready for everything that a puppy involves, then you will either end up with a dog that disrupts your life, or you will end up needing to find it a home. This is one of the reasons so many dogs end up in shelters — because people don't ask themselves the right questions before getting a dog. Here are some of the things you are going to want to ask yourself before you bring a puppy home.

Do you have the time?

You want to make sure you or someone else in your home is going to have the time to take care of a puppy. A puppy is like a baby; they need to eat more, go outside to go to the bathroom more, be supervised at all times, and be played with to help them burn off excessive energy. If you or someone else in your family isn't going to be able to take care of the puppy all day, then it can make messes all over when it has to go to the bathroom, and it can chew on and destroy a lot of your belongings.

Is someone able to work with the puppy?

Even if you have enough time to watch the puppy all day and night, you need to be sure that someone is going to be able and willing to obedience train the puppy. If it is not properly trained, then it will soon become a problem-dog. It may become one of those dogs that jumps on your guests, almost knocking them over. It may also have problems with aggression and may never end up potty trained, which means your house will stink and you will always be cleaning messes. The dog may get out and run off, leaving you to chase them.

Are you ready for a best friend?

There are a lot of great things about bringing home a puppy as long as you are in a good place for treating them right. You will have a best friend who will be a loyal companion. They will want to be by you and please you. They will also want to go for walks with you, play with you, and travel with you. This is especially true if you get a great breed, like a goldendoodle mix who will be smart, loyal, and not have a severe shedding issue.

If you are confident you are ready for a puppy, start looking at breeds like goldendoodles for sale, and enjoy.